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Fire protection

Fire safety is a heavy responsibility - let us take care of it


We are experts in fire safety

Fire protection work is an important area for property owners and can feel overwhelming. Handling this effectively is not always easy and requires special competence and expertise.

We can help you. With our experience and knowledge, we can take care of the entire process and ensure that your property and your business comply with all laws and fire protection regulations.

Your Property Needs the Right Fire Protection Partner


Legal Requirements

Fire protection work is a statutory requirement (LSO). Choose L&T as your partner, we know the law and understand the specific needs of your property.



The fire protection work on your property is taken care of by trained and competent technicians who work with preventive measures.


Help 24/7

Connect your property to L&T. Your property is in good hands around the clock for operational and fire alarms.

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Currently, our trained facility managers ensure fire protection over 10 million square meters of property space throughout the country

Fire Protection Services from L&T

When fire safety is managed by us, the whole remains under control

  • Systematic Fire Protection Work (SBA)

  • Control and maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems according to SBF110

  • Control and maintenance of Sprinkler Systems according to SBF120

  • Training – hot work etc.

  • Fire Protection Documentation

  • Action Plans

  • Evacuation Plans

  • Reception of fire alarms and emergency service


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