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Food and Industrial Cleaning

High-quality service for food premises where cleanliness means everything

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A Single Microbe or Dust Particle is Too Much

At L&T, we understand the importance of having the right equipment and knowledge to achieve the highest standard of cleaning for the food industry and other high-hygiene environments. For us, cleaning is part of the manufacturing process and preparation for the day's production work. We are proud of our specialized knowledge in this area and have extensive experience and expertise in providing high-hygiene cleaning with quality-assured processes.

L&T is the Right Choice for You


Years of Experience

L&T has extensive experience in specialized cleaning for hygiene needs in Swedish food industry production facilities.


Special Knowledge

A knowledgeable partner prevents many risks related to food safety.


Quality Assurance

In the maintenance of your spaces, cleaning chemicals always used are suitable for food spaces.

Expert Cleaning at Your Service

  • Cleaning and Testing of Production Equipment

    You always have access to professionally cleaned and tested production units, where bacterial tests are performed regularly. In this way, your production staff can focus on their actual work.

  • Chemical Analysis

    You always have access to cleaning chemicals and equipment based on the latest research.

  • Consultation Services

    We provide HACCP surveys, analyses of washing equipment, savings programs, and quality assurance systems designed for demanding cleaning work.

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