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Sustainable facility management since 1994.


Sustainability is at the Heart of Our Strategy

Sustainability is an integral part of L&T's strategy, business operations, and daily work. Our services play a central role in ensuring our customers' sustainability. The most significant effects of our operations become tangible in the sustainability benefits created for our customers. In our supply chain, we evaluate and monitor our suppliers and partners to act in accordance with our sustainability principles.

L&T Sweden focuses on our customers' sustainability work. With reduced environmental impact from our operations, we promote both our customers' and our employees' well-being and diversity, and ensure sustainability in our value chain.

We constantly seek better results in material consumption, emission reduction, energy consumption, and the development of solutions and services for a circular economy. We systematically increase our carbon handprint while reducing the carbon footprint of our operations.

We also believe that a good employee experience goes hand in hand with a good customer experience

We Create Value

  • For Our Customers

    We help our customers achieve their goals and focus on reducing lifecycle costs, optimizing energy use, and improving indoor climate.

  • For Our Employees

    We care for our employees by providing meaningful work with good working conditions and opportunities for personal development.

  • For Society

    We combat climate change, create new solutions for a circular economy, and promote social responsibility through employment and actions according to our ethical principles.

  • For Our Owner

    We strive for rapid growth in business activities that promote sustainable development through unique expertise in circular economy. Alongside organic growth, we invest in future markets.

Environment - Sustainability is at the Heart of Our Strategy

At L&T, we are dedicated experts in facility management, a focus we have maintained since 1994. By lowering our customers' energy consumption with smart technical solutions, we contribute to a sustainable economic and climate-positive future.

Through our services and support, L&T works for a more sustainable world. As a partner, we accelerate the transition pace for our customers. Our services align with the EU's European Green Deal roadmap to become the world's first climate-neutral region, especially in terms of energy- and resource-efficient buildings.

In addition to facility management and services, we offer services in environmental certification of buildings and assist our customers with data collection and reporting, as well as support in sustainability work and reporting.

The construction and property sector has a significant impact on the environment, both in Sweden and in countries from which building products are imported. Some of the heaviest areas are waste, greenhouse gases, air pollution, and energy use, but the use of health- and environmentally hazardous chemical products is also a problem.
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Our most negative impact is our transports, and we actively work to reduce our and our customers' greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants in the value chain. We are very proud that today our vehicle fleet consists of 70% electrified vehicles, and this number is continuously increasing in our 'pursuit' of emissions.



We work to reduce our and our customers' waste. The essence of our business idea is to extend the lifespan of properties, which saves the emergence of large amounts of waste in connection with demolition or extensive renovations. We aim to achieve a circular economy, and the waste that arises in our or our customers' operations is instead seen as resources. We strive to primarily reuse materials and products and secondarily recycle them to reduce resource load.


Hazardous Chemical Products

Our goal is to reduce and phase out the use of health and environmentally hazardous chemicals in our operations. We do this by registering and controlling the chemicals we use, making risk assessments, and replacing them where less harmful alternative products exist.

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Energy use

At L&T, we actively work to reduce our customers' energy consumption and also optimize it. We do this through sustainable and technical property management with innovative automated solutions and the installation and operation of renewable energy sources.

This systematic energy work also includes measurements, inspections, follow-ups, optimization, goal setting, and reporting to the customer. Knowledge, control, and actions on the property's energy use and systems are prerequisites for sustainable properties. Reduced energy consumption leads to decreased environmental impacts and costs for the customer, but a reduced energy need also increases the building's resilience.