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Facility Technology for Healthcare

Facility technology suitable for spaces with high specification requirements

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When Operational Interruptions Can Be Critical

In healthcare spaces, a malfunction in facility functions can be critical for sensitive equipment, not to mention patient safety. Ensure that the property technology meets the high demands within healthcare.

To enable you to conduct as smooth and efficient healthcare operations as possible, we optimize your support functions. We improve the safety and reliability of your healthcare facilities. Our commitments are based on your needs which often include technical equipment, energy supply, systematic documentation, analysis, supervision and monitoring of support functions, as well as maintenance and care of properties

Your Reliable Partner in Facility Technology


Safe Spaces

Patient safety and care quality are central issues in healthcare. L&T ensures that your equipment remains in good condition at all times.


Cost Savings

Cost control is a central challenge in healthcare. With the help of L&T, the property's emissions decrease, and costs are kept in check


Satisfied Users

Satisfied patients and staff are the cornerstones of success in healthcare. A competent partner maintains optimal conditions for users.

Leave the Facility Technology to Us

  • Continuous Technical Maintenance and Service

    Regular service keeps the building's technical equipment in condition, prevents damages, and ensures that the spaces meet the high hygiene requirements of healthcare.

  • Remote Monitoring Around the Clock

    With remote monitoring, your property is monitored 24/7, and deviations are handled quickly. 

  • More Energy-Efficient Spaces

    Energy-saving measures tailored for healthcare needs reduce emissions and lower costs

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Need for Special Services?

Do your spaces have special needs? We can assist you with the maintenance of sterilization equipment, handling of medical gases, delivery of lab-grade water, and much more.

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Latest Research and Expertise

You always receive the latest research-based technology for your property and new solutions that specifically serve the needs of healthcare. L&T continuously works to stay informed in new technology and innovative solutions that can improve for you and your patients.

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